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Fast & Secure File Transfer

Some of our customers need a well connected location to be able to download or upload files between their providers. Most companies realised while in lockdown as their employees were at home and not everybody had access to fast broadband. The workflow before was having a download station in the office with plenty of applications (Signiant, MASV, Aspera, FTPs, browsers and so on) and a mix of NAS or USB hard disks where the temporary files were stored to be checked, perhaps adapted and then sent to the end destination, such as S3, another provider or some local application. Noraina provided a bespoke design with various components that allowed the customer to add or remove as they see fit.
File Exchange Service

The Bespoke Solution proposed was:

  • A user's server, for compatibility with various tools, usually a Windows Server with Remote Desktop enabled, enough SSD storage for the use case. And plenty of bandwidth up & down. Here we or the client install the applications needed for their workflow.
  • A S3 bucket (or more) created at Wasabi mounted as a local volume in the server. High performance (> 2Gbps) for a virtually unlimited filesystem at a reasonable cost ($5.99/TB/month).
  • Cloudflare Teams Access to protect access to Windows Remote Desktop Services while being accessible from all the Internet and integrated with your security policies.
  • Dedicated connections to your MPLS, AWS/Azure/GCP environments or others leveraging being in the most connected Data Centers of each region Equinix
remote desktop services
With this solution in place, some customers are able to move more than 20TB/day of files from their partners to an unlimited storage or provide multiple files to download and be transcoded, edited or shared. Some clients are using the "Object Lock function" that is available through our partnership with Wasabi. This allows for compliance, so that you can set retention times on each object/file stored and you won't be able to delete or change it. So if you need to store objects and assure that those objects aren't modified or deleted for an amount of time, we can help with that. (HIPAA, FINRA, CJIS and other regulations require these kind of control measures)

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