Efficient Cloud Backup

Efficient Cloud Backup creates a disaster recovery plan for your Cloud instances without breaking the bank. AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud backup is storedin the same provider and usually in the same region. There is an expectation that“Our cloud provider will not fail and our data will not be lost” as storing data outsidethe cloud provider can be very expensive. We are able to move data outside thecloud provider at a fraction of the cost.


Benefits of Efficient Cloud Backup

  • Backup your instances and information on a different location and provider so any problem accessing your data from the primary provider can be solved.
  • Moving data outside a Cloud provider can be expensive, so we are including it in the cost of the service. Our backup endpoints are in the same region as your primary data.
  • Restore your data to the same Cloud provider or to another location, bandwidth is included.
  • All data is encrypted and stored in the EU.
  • Noraina nor the storage provider will be able to read the data as the encryption key is not known to Noraina.