At Noraina, we select the best partners in the industry to work with on offering you further services while leveraging the best possible rates due to our longstanding relationships.

Equinix is one of the largest Datacenter providers globally with more than 220 Datacentres around the world.

Why are we partnering with Equinix to deliver our services or help to create our bespoke solutions?

  • Global reach and sustainable policies (>90% renewable)
  • Neutral data centers, ease to interconnect with all or most of the carriers present in that region.
  • Redundant design of each data center that provides an uptime of 99.9999%
  • In most regions, campus design, so that we are able to design availability zones connected by low latency dark fibers (no more costs per GB inter-availability zones)
  • Interconnection focused, connect to all the major Cloud providers or other tenants in the same Datacentre, Campus, Region or globally using Equinix Fabric.
Contact us for anything related to Datacenter deployment, interconnection to Clouds (Hybrid / multiCloud), we can help.

Cloudflare, one of the leaders in Internet performance and security, has plenty of innovations to protect and accelerate Web properties and end users.

Why are we partnering with Cloudflare to deliver our services or help to create our bespoke solutions?

  • Presence in over 200 cities in more than 100 countries assures that most of your users will reach a nearby node which means less problems and higher privacy.
  • Most mature tools to protect your applications from abuse such as DDoS, Bots, WAF.
  • Tools to improve the performance such as Polish, Argo, CDN, Tiered cache, Workers.
  • Solutions to secure access to your line of business applications or users leveraging Cloudflare One, Access and Teams.
Contact us for anything related to Web performance or protection, we can help.

Wasabi provides a high performance S3 based storage from their regions in the USA and Europe, and they are able to offer that at a fraction of the cost of AWS, Google or Azure.

Why are we partnering with Wasabi to deliver our services or help to create our bespoke solutions?

  • Ideal storage for backup applications, able to backup and restore from off-site storage at over 1Gb/s and not worrying about bandwidth costs.
  • Unlimited storage in an application server, mounted using FUSE or accessing directly through S3 protocol.
  • As reads have a fast time to the first byte, it is also adequate as an Origin storage for a CDN like Cloudflare.
Contact us for anything related to high performance storage, we can help.