Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Services

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Service

During the pandemic, remote working exploded and most of the companies will keep some amount of partially remote workers for the foreseeable future. This means that the company needs to provide a work environment that is secure, performant, and at a reasonable cost. One of our customers/partners needed to provide an environment for more than 800 employees of a public European company. Our customer manages all inside the VDI infrastructure while Noraina provides the datacenter, network, interconnection, internet bandwidth plus support on those services.
Desktop Virtualization

The Bespoke Solution proposed was:

  • Deployed in London as this was the best place to interconnect with the end client pan european network.
  • Providing data center space for all the servers and storage appliances needed. Noraina can also provide equipment if needed.
  • Providing redundant 25Gb/s network ports for all the solution elements.
  • Redundant interconnection to the end client cabinet in the same datacenter campus. Less than 1ms to reach their servers and unlimited bandwidth (dark fiber).
  • Internet connection for Citrix ADC so all users can leverage Noraina’s low latency Internet connection while connecting to their desktop.
  • Internet browsing from desktops goes through the client network to be able to apply policies and specific controls.
  • Out of band access to all the servers and storage appliances (iDrac / iLO / IPMI) to ease the diagnosis and management. Protected by a Noraina Firewall.
  • Noraina’s professional services helped design the solution and on the deployment and on going. Customers never visited the data centres as there is no need to.
Virtual Desktop Interface
The end client was moving from AWS Workspaces as they experienced lack of flexibility, lower than expected performance and higher costs when adding bandwidth and when upgrading instances to get the required performance. Noraina's solution allowed the customer to interconnect at multiple 10Gb/s to one of their current points of presence as Noraina and the customer had a shared datacenter campus. This highlights the benefits to the end customer of Noraina's partnership with Equinix as their global footprint is second to none and it is easy to find suitable shared locations.

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